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1-on-1 Functional Medicine Coaching

Brittany Durrett, MSN CHC is a virtual Functional Medicine Practitioner and founder of Balanced Restoration. She bridges the gap between Nutritionist and MD by guiding clients to create a lifetime of nourishment and healing. Our team of practitioners help clients develop a balanced lifestyle and cultivate restoration of their intended health. Instead of masking symptoms, we seek the root cause to manage symptoms or chronic conditions. Each client will learn about the benefits of real food and how it nourishes every part of your body, minerals and how they fuel every hormone and enzymatic reaction, and receive guidance along their journey to healing.

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"I would say Brittany saved my life... and by saved my life, means I can go a whole day without a symptom of any sort. Before considering a nutritionist, I had terrible digestive issues that I chalked up to random things that I thought could be cured by a doctor, when the doctor spiral always sent me back into pain. After figuring out the root cause of my symptoms, Brittany put me on a protocol that now allows me to live a life free of "symptom burden". My lifestyle has changed. My life is genuinely better because someone recommended Brittany to me. She is kind, sincere, and so wise. It is a JOY to tell people that I have been healed with her help!"


O. M.


"I moved to Austin last year from up North, and was having a hard time adjusting to the new environment. I gained 30 pounds in 6 months, had headaches everyday and only ate once a day. I started working with Brittany to help improve nutrition, exercise and sleep. I now enjoy weight training, eat a lot healthier and am back to normal weight. I monitor what I eat, sleep times and weight. I have made continuous improvements every week."

D. K.

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